Who We Are

TRU-CLN is a company founded by a U.S. disable veteran, Onaccuelis Black-Page (Majority owner), and Jennifer Black-Page. Both with back grounds in pharmaceuticals where cleaning is paramount.

Onaccuelis, was introduced to cleaning while in the military as an engineman. While stationed at many locations Onaccuelis learned first hand the importance of a true clean and how it is the first line of defense against viruses and diseases. He later worked for ABM a major cleaning company where he learned the skills needed for commercial cleaning. Onaccuelis then purchased a cleaning franchise while working in the pharmaceutical sector, but soon realized he wanted to take his business in a different direction. Thus the creation of TRU-CLN.

Jennifer gained her cleaning experience in pharmaceuticals where inspections of the production rooms were required upon completing the clean. She then gravitated to real estate. Jennifer learned the importance of how a clean property (internally and externally) makes a difference in the acquisition of real property.

TRU-CLN is a company looking to build a partnership. We are here to ensure your facility represents you and is presentable to clients (existing and potential), visitors, and employees.

Why Us?

At TRU-CLN, we are focused on providing a professional service with the highest levels of customer satisfaction. We listen to your wants, your needs, and your desires. We aim to provide solutions.

We utilize continuous improvement such as 5S to eliminate waste and six sigma to reduce variability in our process.

Our Mission:

When it comes to cleaning, we learn to be experts in order to meet customer's expectations.